Facts and Interpretations!

1. How much do I remember from the day which is no more or is about to end depending on whether you believe Hindu or Jewish version of reality?

2. A lot indeed. I walked a lot. After Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti it was second in the last one month.

3. I had to walk 6 kilometres inside the wild and the same to exit the area of the temple. Plus four kilometres to bus stand which makes it 16. On my way back I walked at least three. A total of 19 kilometres.

I can walk 28 to 30 kilometres everyday but can i run that long in a marathon?

I saw an advertisement for a marathon to be held on January 12th which begins from Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium and ends in Nowgong. The irony is: stadium has been kept closed. You can’t practice running in laps except by bowling in Shatabdi.

4. I measured my time. It took me 21 minutes to walk 6 kilometres. This means about 84 minutes to complete the marathon if i walk. By then winners would have been declared. If i jog a bit and walk a bit i can manage to witness the event firsthand for the first time. It’s still far away: 21 days.

5. The advertisement was first seen on my way to Horse Square. Today it was seen as i reached bus stand.

6. There were too many people out there. Especially as i was coming back. It’s the reality: inescapable. Way too many people.

Jhan Jhan Devi 20122020

7. I made my first solo trip to Jhan Jhan Devi. The picture above was one of the last few pictures captured as i was parting.

8. I took some water from the well as a blessing of the goddess. I had went 130 steps upstairs to see a rare view from top of the plateau where a temple has been made for a deity who appeared in a stone to some devotee. A priest was resting there and i asked him couple of questions. He seemed ill at ease, maybe because it wasn’t an hour to visit. It was afternoon when i reached.

Jhan Jhan Devi!
130 steps upstairs!

9. The priest didn’t have a clue about Jhan Jhan Devi’s name. It’s either a distortion of:

Dhan dhan Devi:

( Which is a distortion of dhanya dhanya Devi: great great goddess!)

Or it’s because when you walk in the region you start getting headache and the air pressure in your ears creates sounds: echo and ringing because of wind speed.

It sounds like Jhan jhan

Jhanjhanhat or jhunjhunahat is a word for tinnitus in Hindi and Bundelkhandi- the local dialect of the region.

10. I took many pictures on my way up. As i entered the gate: i didn’t see the Star of David which used to hang at the entrance. I had walked till there one night. Alone. On my own. It must have been a two hour long walk that night. I didn’t go inside then. I went inside today and first went towards the Lake Placid where some boys were preparing food for their outing. I had deja vus there. I asked them about the way up and observed a six of spades to which an ACE was matched later on.

Parikrama picture! Cavern upstairs.
Ethereal birds!
The entrance where Star of David used to hang out once!
Lake Placid!

11. On my way back i spotted some synchronised gutka spitters. They are the usual people. At least five to seven of them. And i tell you a fact i have told you many times before in the 12th:

The Rock!

12. The walk to bus stand seemed way too longer than the 12 kilometers walk in and out of the wild sanctuary. I observed some rare birds and couple of hyenas inside. The walk outside had many vehicles, smoke, dust, people and gutka spitters. People who have worked hard to build that sanctuary and road that leads to it. People who have likes and dislikes.

13. I took the last pictures inside Gandhi Smarak Bhavan as i relished memories and had three fresh guavas which i had bought from a nearby Sunday market, after which i quickly had water balls. After igniting the incense sticks i drew the books out and began working on the almirah number 10. I wondered if they were going to rehearse. They were leaving for Khajuraho. I was relieved. Peace at last.

On way to Jhan jhan Devi
A Shiva temple. Established: 5.10.1992 by Swami Pahalwan of Patwaa.



The date had three 20s. It was 12th and the last such occurence this year. As for Jupiter and Saturn rare conjunction. I can see it anyday. I have seen it everyday for a long time and i don’t believe it to be what it has been made to be in articles: grand.

15. Winter solstice. The book I bought on Bangalore Airport in 2010 as i was waiting for her. Jesus Lived in India. That book is inside the library of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan. The book by Holger Kerstein talks about how the cult of celebration of birth of Mithras or Maitreya shifted times and became the Christmas as we know it now. Was it Joshua Ben Joseph or Saint Paul- has been a subject of innumerable research projects in the past.

16. I played 9 vocabulary jams. I got first, second and fourth ranks mostly. I kept a record but it would have taken up more space on this post which has already taken a lot.

17. As I proceed to publish: it’s already 21122020. It took me about 53 minutes . For more pictures you can follow my Instagram handle: Narayana_1010

18. One Ashok Raikwar, owner of a Sanchi shop near government school number one asked me about the white tally counter. Asked if he could check it. I showed it to him. He used word “japa maala.” Asked if I had extras. I don’t have extras: yet i told him how he can order them on Flipkart. I am going to give him one for exchange of cost of individual piece. Two thirty four divided by six is

about 39 rupees. I told him it was 35 rupees. I would ask him to pay 39 for one piece. He requested two but i refused. He needed to test them. And said he might take my help to order a bunch on Flipkart.

19. It costed a lot. This city. The day i ordered the first pack she wrote a verse. The day it was about to be delivered for the first time the delivery boy was struck by one bike in Sun City. Women’s Rights Activist. The verse read like this:

Let’s count

Let’s count this city

This cathedral behind my back

Has disappeared in the Lake placid!

20. The reference was to Lukhnow as i was listening to Gulam Ali’s ghazal in those days. Crimson instead of orange as a shade came to my mind in that ground one evening i was watching those kids play Cricket: before she announced her book release. The world works in mysterious ways.

21. As the protagonist in the Lost Highway said: ” I like to remember things my way.” There are no facts, only interpretations according to Nietzsche.

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