1. I scored 11211 ranks on five vocabulary jams i played on this evening.

2. Good news is: Devika let my comment be published on her blog. To me it means i am one of her ‘dear’ readers. It also puts our three years old enmity to an end: closure. Sureshot. Hotpot. Otiose. Segue.

3. The contact page: some cognitive dissonance (to borrow a title from Fatima Shere;) made me assume it was her hacking into my mind like Aakriti Kuntal. I was consuming marijuana in those days. I was bold.

I wrote an email to her:

“Can we please talk like normal friends do instead of one of us hacking into other’s account?”

( my drafts used to have words which were published in her verses and i imagined some kind of association in my pursuit of romantic poet.)

She answered:

(with an assumption that it was me who claimed to be the hacker in the proposition…)

(Will you stop sending mails? I can fuck with your little brains.)

She meant: she could fuck with little brains like me. She had seen many like me. Jerks: there isn’t just one of them; she said.

Many sorority sisters joined on her behalf. Local goons in my vicinity began attacking me on every nook and corner for something which could have been kept online.

Little did i know i had entered into the world of gifted poets, clairvoyants and dark web.

Isha Garg also delivered a lesson as i was parting. If it was merely online i would have remained invincible. You see: 1000 rupees per month as pocket money after 3 years of striving to earn an honest living. The battleship was tilted on her side. (So she sank!)

We published some verses on negative X and positive Y axes. Until i received a bamboo blow by a black commando which came from somewhere. Now i listen to Mata Kalika bhajans.

“I am a big time hacker too;” she said. She even published an original picture with a liquor bottle. And another post in which she cried whole night though that was deleted before i could read it. It was a prolonged battle.

Finally she published another book this year and i realized she was out of my league.

Now i am sober and happy to have my comment published on her blog. She is more kind than Lia or Nandita or Kristina or Izza.

But certainly: her voice on Sound cloud appeared like that of Shine Ferrer’s.

4. Each verse is enough to send you down memory lanes. Therefore these three years seem like three decades.

Our enmity had ended earlier this year until ‘harsh’ reality surfaced. It has finally ended by my becoming civil and moderate.

Her letting my comment be published on her blog confirms it.

She has a single i. Single fish. And many mahogany chairs with vintage record players.

I hope this is the final closure for two of us. If she or any of her close friends or family or fans or hits find any part of this post offensive in any way: please let me know.

5. Here’s a Tohu verse to celebrate:


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