1. Deendayal rasoi day nine. Rice. Rice wasn’t available this morning in Choubey Colony.

2. Before coming here i had a little chat with Ashutosh.

3. I played nine vocabulary jams this morning i received first and second ranks in most of them.

4. Getting shaved seemed easier this time around.

5. Sammy referred to Himalayas. On the very same day that reporter also referred to it.

6. The Amrit Jal Pariyojna finally revealed itself after some suspense. Komatsu dragon. The signboard had grammatically accurate notice though calligraphy wasn’t of highest order. It does the job.

7. 18122020

9 and 7 add upto 7.

8. A Tohu verse to celebrate the occasion:

Sun shine soothing

Hinged zed eyes

Yes men inglenook

Krooner nerd standard

Dard-e-disco gone with the wind

Hind legs rinderpest

Esteemed medicine cinephiles

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