A Tohu Verse!

1. 1142223216 : ranks on 10 vocab jams.

2. 10 to 12 players were present in every jam.

3. Anonymous demogorgon is a new player who scored well.

4. Grace G. hasn’t been there for many days.

5. I had a nice lunch in Deendayal rasoi. Now i am left only with a 5 rupee coin. I would buy a pack of incense sticks with this one. It is a 2012 release.

6. Dhaniram was wearing a “Vijay Patel;” ID card of Congress.

7. If he’s a politician dreaming to be a madman or a madman dreaming to be a politician is irrelevant. It’s not about Chunagtzu. It’s about Bollywood movies of yore which had CBI inspectors in guise of madmen. Vinod Mehra often played those. That’s Dhaniram. His grimace never gave an indication of an illiterate farmer.


8. Courtesy is curt and e(-a)sy. It’s also c(o)urt e(-a)sy. I have finally succeeded in developing a new language. Relaxed under the Ku Klux Klan pillar in Biotic Farm. As i told madamouiselle about it: she said “you’re going to meditate, right?” Before, I could accept or deny: she inserted another statement. She’s always upto date on press briefs.

9. I meditated to let my eyes get relaxed.

10. A Tohu verse made with words culled from jams:

Troupe perukee keynote notebook

Krook nook mizzle

Little bit of drizzle

Upstairs upstart upstream

Realm gleam beam

Immunity nitty gritty

Appropriation prairie airy fairy

11. ☮️ Peace. Point Zero.

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