Sage Agastya and Nagas!

1. Received following ranks on various vocabulary jams this morning:


2. I couldn’t record rank on couple of jams. I played 15 jams in total.

3. Honorable mentions:

1. Jennifer the poo

2. Vishnu Ram

3. Vicky W.

4. Krista

5. 5W∆( there was an epsilon between W and delta)

6. Bald Eagle

4. My ID: 12, you can join my jams if you want to play only with me. Just leave a comment and i would share the details with you when we can play. Or you can play the ones hosted by

5. I need to prepare for “One Proud Post” that would be published tomorrow on this very site as per my discussion with Pam Kirst.

6. Here’s a Tohu verse culled from jams:

Matinee neel Neil

Matt attaboy plangent

Venison veneer neer

Nearby bicycle recognizance

Reconnieter raconteur heuristic sticks

Stones tones bones nested ted stalks

7. I read a book the day before in the library. I wanted to do a post but something came up.

It was about sage Agastya. He was the first Aryan who was venturing towards South. He met a mountain Vindhyachal on his way. He asked the mountain some questions. The mountain gave him the way. Started giving way to others as well.

Agastya needed to marry for obvious reasons. He found wapity woopity typical calculus. Lopamudra was her name.

She asked him to bring lots of money and he tried. He used his magick against the wapity woopity and one of the brothers died. The other one surrendered.

Agastya married Lopamudra and lived happily ever after.

Further authentication: lord Rama visited his ashram with his only begotten wife whom he searched only to abandon. Wapity woopity woo. Winnie the pooh!

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