One Proud Post!

I am proud of this post because Ravneet Kaur was the only girl i really missed in the long run. She was an angel. Too kind to be true. She already had a boyfriend named Abhishek in Thakral but she kept another in CTS. I didn’t understand that. But i felt they were all booked. They were all booked long before their births. But she somehow initiated conversation with me.

It’s the kindness which makes you truly beautiful. It’s the kindness which makes you a magnet. Kindness never goes unnoticed. She couldn’t see me lonely. The boys were jealous of two of us but you can’t even imagine how extraordinarily talented she was. She could write articles. She was a Leo.

My task became easier because i know exactly what’s been going on.

Listening to Aakashvaani( F. M. Radio) made it clear to me how population explosion, cancer, AIDS and other diseases were advertised before.

I dare say: there’s no death for me. There’s no Covid 19 or 20 for me.

If i need to move elsewhere, in another dimension: i am prepared. It’s not my reality. It’s not perfection. Free soul, 35 was as much of a myth as anything else.

All conspiracy theories i used to discuss and read about in various forums in 2008 were too true. The Matrix is here. The age of Kaali is here. I was supposed to publish this one tomorrow but i am doing it today because i tend to sleep peacefully if i am free from the burden.

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