Guru Drone?

1. As i was exiting the house- something kept telling me that i was missing something. Hanky, ball, black-mask, smartphone, earplug, black cap on head, glasses resting on nose; lower, tshirt; i had read newspaper: no new laws had been enacted overnight. What else did i need?

2. The girl outside the number one school behaved strangely. She threw something on the ground before she rode the vehicle and i thought i needed to buy incense sticks from the Saanchi shop nearby. I wasn’t surprised to find her there: it had happened before. The Saanchi shop guy started almost at the time i did. He’s new. The last time around it was his family playing the scene in which Vaibhav was found at Harpalpur police station by his family. This time around it was something else.

3. The memory i got was of having forgotten the small red color wallet which has some rupees. May be 150 rupees. Now i was zero. 000

4. I thought i should hire an auto and go back home. “But i can walk. i needed workout.” Modern times. Charles Chaplin. That guy who was scratching his chin with his left hand on right side as he rode his scooty was funny. It switched from Raj Kapoor to Charles Chaplin.

5. Why not trust her? Can’t she give me 100 rupees. Yes. It’s an advance. But she might be busy and I also need to pay the juice guy. I kept walking faster and thought about Aditi as i passed that street. The boys with mask were there. Why are these young kids busy selling masks instead of studying in a school?

6. Ah, they thought i was one of them. Carrying the mask instead of wearing it. The mask is too tight. One blue mask i bought became dysfunctional too soon.

7. Shouldn’t they be in school? One of them has wound on his left leg. White wound is visible. There’s police standing just before the Sulabh complex. Many of them. One of them has a cane. I see a guy without mask. At least one person is enough to prove that not all people are wearing masks.

8. As i ask for juice. I automatically say: “Would it be okay if i return with money in five minutes?” He nods.

9. Thank God! I won’t be able to make it in five minutes. I know it. The way to Gandhi Smarak Bhavan and inside if she’s working in a field. It’s more than five minutes. What if she stalls? What if she gives it after delay? What about five minutes promise? These aren’t signs of Sthita Prajna. There those goblins are betting on whether i will make it in five minutes.

10. i don’t know if i made it in five minutes. I found the key on the cog number two. I had put it there yesterday. Looked around. Not found her. Where art thou when i need you? (not very funny!) I moved towards sieving machine. Called her name twice. No response. Third call returned Shri’s voice. i saw her sketches hanging on the wall just opposite to the entrance. How beautiful! i might have stopped to appreciate them…woods are lovely…dark and deep…blah blah blah…

11. “May i borrow thirty rupees? “

12. “I didn’t have thirty rupees.”

13. “You mean you don’t have thirty rupees?” {This is my student on Grammar after 6 months!} And she certainly doesn’t have any pocket money; else would have given it to me in case of an emergency.

14. Yes.

15. Where’s your mom?

16. I don’t know.

17. Is she in fields?

18. I don’t know.

19. It’s upto me. I actually needed just twenty rupees and ten rupees for Dindayal rasoi.

20. I was entering into kitchen. i saw DK and saluted her. Where would i find madam?

21. She’s in Goshala. She doesn’t pronounce it Gaushala. Point noted.

22. As i turn Shri is there. Did you find where she’s ? Yes, she’s in Gaushala. I pronounce it right. You don’t!

23. I run for my life. I mean I walk. The last time this happened I lost poha guy. Would it be the same this time around? I tried my best then. I am trying my best now. I saw her. I saw the guy who questions my unplanned advances(pun intended.)

24. Mam, i immediately need thirty rupees ( if she refuses this…) What can i do? Beyond my means?

25. What do you need that for?

26. i forgot my wallet at home and recalled it only when i bought the incense sticks and then i bought the juice. (I showed her the merchandise)

27. I only have twenty rupees at present.

28. But i need ten rupees for Deendayal rasoi!

29. I will need to go over there! Oh ok. I would take those in noon. Ok.

30. This is a success. i greeted Manu who is smiling(no, he was laughing.)

31. I run again for my life. No, i walk and put my merchandise inside library. I rush to lock. What, why did i forget the mask again? Those policemen and women are butchers. Don’t you know it already by now? And they’re all wearing mask today.

32. After picking the mask i walk, faster than ever before; i know : there’s not even a single guy without mask. I need to wear it now. Now i remove it.

33. Mask selling boys are there again. They’re merely selling those. They should be in a school. They don’t know the polity. They aren’t wearing it themselves. They’ve forgot that i passed by them a moment ago.

34. Ah, some relief. The goal is in sight. I walk faster on sidewalk. I run in between. I spot him. He’s putting snacks inside the booth. He resembles the psychologist in David Lynch’s Inland Empire. I say thankyou and he smiles. I show him the note. I first gave the coins to old man. I said thank you in Hindi. Both of the coins were released in the year 2016. One of them has green layer on it. What’s it? Green patina on a metal is caused by some chemical reaction. The note was released in 2018.

35. Ah! Sigh! Free from burden of interest for now. Those damsels were wearing masks. Guru Drone asked his disciples:

What did you see as you aimed?

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