Sunday Morning 13122020!

1. I played vocabulary jams on my ID is 12. You’re invited to play with me whenever you can.

2. Summary of ranks:

First: thrice.

Second: eight times.

Third: thrice.

Fourth: once.

Sixth: once.

Total: 16 jams.

3. There were 10 to 15 players on an average in every game.

4. In the 12th jam- the word intimate seemed like intimidate. I submitted a wrong answer. I was pleasantly surprised to see: all five of the players (including me) had submitted a wrong answer. LOL. The fourteenth jam only had two words as answers to all questions: guacamole and avocado.

5. Loll is a real word. It means to laze.

Lollygagging ginseng senger germane mane anemone inane.

LOL is an acronym for lots of laughter.

Laze also appeared in one of the quizzes. It’s a relative of lazy.

6. Bondboy Fandshae is from Germany. I really don’t know how he’s able to use a diamond in his screen name. Many other players use drawings. I am not allowed that when I try.

They dominated the game unlike anyone else this morning. Congratulations!

7. Capricorn is about to ascend. Sun is holding the post of Chara Jaiminee Atmakaraka at the moment. In the Pisces navamansa. Final liberation. Anuradha quarter first is also ruled by Sun in the sidereal zodiac scheme. The constellation is owned by Saturn. Sagittarius ascendant and navamansa. Devganas. Madhya Naadi. Bramhin with Silver chord. 13122020: Uranus and Moon. Life path: Moon.

8. Here’s a Tohu verse made with words culled from jams. Balanced:


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