1. Mrityunjaya Shrivastava is wearing jersey number 21 today. He’s in team B. He’s in the commentary box or rather on commentary stairs with Utkarsh who is a left arm pacer- only player who got selected from this locality in last seasons as per coach.

2. It’s 10.12.2020: Thursday.

Usually these people do practice matches on weekends but today they made changes. They’re wearing red and black shirts and pants instead of usual whites and three of the players are wearing jersey number 10.

Adarsh, Nikhil and an unknown player.

3. Ram just caught and bowled a batsman. Lavalesh is another bowler who has a strange run-up. I feel this run-up doesn’t help you if you’re a fast bowler. I spoke to coach regarding this matter when first inning ended but he was confident about it. He said that it hasn’t been a long time since he came. Technically it wasn’t about the manner of bowling but about the run-up.

4. Ali Raza has been smashing hits after hits in this over. Some good Cricket this morning.

5. Vanshaj and Vansh are different players. The first one entered into academy last Sunday. Vansaj had jersey number 333. Now he has jersey number 17. Nikhil who has number 10 had a shirt with his name misprinted as Nikhel. There might be other people keeping records but I asked him about it as I was moving out of the ground last weekend. He agreed about the misprint.

( Edit: Nikhel spit the moment I started to move out of Academy and Armaan who got an injury in ankle had number 1 on his shirt.)

6. Aditya has been bowled over by Vikas. Power play was over a long ago. I don’t have score card right now.

7. I was bowling outside their field. I bowled 60 times. 10 overs. I paid attention to my fielding.

8. The mask which I bought last: the Blue mask-its strap broke down as I walked past the post office last evening. I wasted ten rupees. The one i had bought yesterday morning is too tight to wear. It strains ears and face. Laws were supposed to make life comfortable for everyone. If it makes me uncomfortable: it’s of little consequence how others feel if I wear it or not. Medical and dependent industries are making billions. When this scam will finally be open: many people will be disillusioned. From placebo pills to negative advertising to glasses to fake handicap certificates to Corona. It will be a total washout if it ever happens. That’s why i don’t take sides.

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