Divine Grey!

1. I read some posts to get feedback and to edit errors. I came here after the class. Shri helped me proofread my blog post. Actually I gave her assignment to read my post and she pointed out that my enumeration was out-of-place.

2. Shri told me that I was old now as my hair have gone grey. She’s right. She first wanted me to run, then wanted me to keep hair on head and now she’s enjoying joking about grey. This is the way of this world. People not only try to control the way you think, work and live-they enjoy that they have made a change in the lives of others. How many stories these greys have? How many people have commented on these greys? So be it.

3. She didn’t play Free Rice today. I played it a bit. I might get an opportunity to defeat her tomorrow.

4. We read my post on Emily Dickinson together. I was wondering about her ringtone a day ago and today she changed it based on the suggestion from her cousin brother.

5. I was in Deendayal Rasoi, enjoying my 8 rotis with cabbage curry for ten rupees. Whatever comes from that food will be pure bliss has long been my conviction. It’s householders, Mahajana, rich people individually who have narrow vested interests. Community on the whole knows: it’s our duty to feed hungry people. If it wasn’t so: Sikh community where none of the people beg shouldn’t have opened langars like that in Amritsar where 500000 people are fed everyday. Compare this with a community like this: parents enslave children. Threaten them. Try to convert them. Sieze

their documents. Don’t let them eat. Use them and their documents and even use police and media to harass them.

6. If it were upto me: i would have disappeared from this place without a trace. Hence it’s not upto me.

7. I bought a water bottle worth twenty rupees as I was thirsty after having bowled 60 times. I filled it from the handpump. I heard a pundit speak with a lawyer on bicycle: “the latest news…jai jawaan jai kisaan.”

8. Which means : Laal Bahadur Shastri. Red was the colour of shirts they were wearing in the ground and even I was wearing the same.

9. I recalled Peepli Live. The brother of the character played by Raghubir Yadav was hidden by his family in order to gain a handpump connection which is called Laal Bahadur in that scheme. It was very funny and I watched it in a cinema hall in Bangalore. I was middle middle class then. Now I am below poverty line.

10. Shri asked me if Academy awards were similar to Film Fare. I told her that they weren’t. I told her that national awards had more value in indian film industry.

11. A yellow butterfly is flying from plant to plant as this music on Spotify entertains me. My headset volume somehow got muted/tinkered after I came out of the Deendayal Rasoi. I wasn’t expecting her call.

12. I forgot to bring the book to library. The book by Yogendra Pratap Singh that I needed to return. I am reading Naarad-Bhakti-Sutra now.

13. I visited Jaina temple. Jainism is athiestic philosophy. Yet the places of meditation need same care and maintenance. Ajitnath. Neminath and Mallinath.

14. Yesterday evening I saw mudras in a Kathakali book. The makara mudra was a strange one. All arts are connected. Those sitting in the pyramid posture use only jnana or shunya mudra mostly.

15. I received 1222321253 ranks on vocab jams. 30 to 50 players played there on an average. Mr. Shipps and Bondboy also scored well. I commented on some blogs. Poetry blogs.

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