1. Scorpion ascendant has South node of Moon. There’s a planetary war between Venus and Mars today. It’s a Saturday.

Ramses is an immortal. Third quarter of Pushyamitra houses Moon.

2. A verse:

Marriage is a playground,

A playground where there are only two,

No people, no voices, no spectators or judges,

Marriage verily is a playground where I play without disturbances with my wife,

Marriage is a playground where there’s no doubt or remorse or settlement,

No compromise or hiding,

No shame,

Such is my marriage with my partner,

With dancinglightofgrace.

P.S.: This is in response to a verse i read on LiaThePoet’s blog. She doesn’t let my comments get published. Poets are sensitive. Perhaps something happened when she reported me to WordPress but even my simple comments like ‘beautiful poem’ are not being allowed to be published. This poet often used to go private. Now I don’t worry about it but sometimes visit her blog for inspiration. Due credits given.

3. I received 104 likes on Blogger’s World, breaking the previous record of 103 likes in a single day. It’s an achievement. Thank you Pam for allowing me author access. Thank you everyone else for taking interest in my posts. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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