The Zeitgeist!

1. Summary of my score on jams quizzes:

Rank First: 4 times.

Rank Second: 5 times.

Rank Third: once.

Rank Fourth: once.

Rank Seventh: once.

2. There were following number of players in 12 jams i appeared on:

54, 78, 84, 70, 72, 54, 52, 57, 57, 47

3. Honorable mentions:

Le Ballon, eat B, Mr. Moore, Haari M, Zoe R and Duke. Ketevan was seen but not Claire.

4. I kept reading some poems and commenting on some of them. One blogger by the name of MistGhost wrote something similar to an etheree. I can’t count syllables. It looked like an hourglass and it had sentiments like Izza’s poem had- one she published in 2015. With a picture of shovel in hands of lady who had buried her husband after killing him!

5. Here’s a Tohu verse made with words culled from jams:

You precipitate,

I rend,

A tear escapes,

A rendition ends,

Another age, another sage,

Sentinels wear orange caps,

Capital letters have been banned.

Loud voices and bold typeface is no longer the zeitgeist.

5. Kaali Kavach by Shruti Vishwakarma and Kedar Pandit is an exquisite rendition of prayer towards goddess Kaali.

6. It’s 5122020: Mercury and Jupiter with Saturn. Saturn owns Jupiter. Dark lunar half. Fifth day. Brahma Yoga. Ramses is a Brahman and with a silver chord. Parashuram. Mars is still Atmakaraka. Every two days Mars and Moon engage in a planetary war.

7. Being able to access Netflix in streamfest is like a dream come true. It’s available for free for 24 hours on 5th and 6th of December. Tenet hasn’t been released on it yet.

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