The Routine and the subroutine!

1. I woke up late. Doors of kitchen were locked by then so i am fasting. Two more hours. My stomach is hungry.

2. My mental hunger was satiated by jams. I invite you to play with me whenever you can. My ID is 12. I would like it if you compete with me.

3. Claire G.-who is the best player I have come across in the last two months(with PC being absent,) appeared briefly. I won a game by just 10 points. She scored 660 and I scored 670. This is the best of my achievements in the last two months on She might have scored less than me on some jams but today I made it a point to observe when she appeared.

4. I played 12 games in total. Here’s a summary of ranks I received:

First rank: 6 times(40 players on an average)

Second rank: twice

Third rank: once

Fourth rank: once

Seventh rank: once

5. So, as you can see: there are no facts . Only interpretations. I am undoubtedly not the Deuteronomy prophet lord king Starjade. I am a fellow blogger and jammer on If any of you are highly placed and in touch with Ben Zimmer or the technical team of that site: please inform that the server crashes anytime more than 100 players begin to jam. They can improve their bandwidth. I could have written an email to their technical team but I know what response they’re going to deliver:

“We seek your understanding in this regard.” ( No change.)

6. Let’s forget the bad things for a while. Let’s talk about the poetry for a while. Pam read my post and commented on it. Ideally I should have visited her blog. Arwen has posted another article. I am supposed to post a similar post on December 16 as organized by Pam.

I read some poetry and it’s a Friday. I liked reading some of them and some others were absolutely beautiful.

7. I am going to create some poetry here with words culled from vocabulary jams. I invite you to comment on it. Tell me how it can be improved. If you don’t like it: tell me about it. What do you not like about it?


Chaise longue: a long chair.

Backstop: a structure to prevent ball from going out in a game.

Gambit: a tactical act.

Beckon: to make a gesture with a hand to ask someone to follow or approach.

Gingerly: cautiously.

Rapscallion: a villain.


You sit on your chaise longue,

Oh sweet white damsel,

Your eyes dance as you flourish,

I beckon all the rapscallions to go yonder before you arrive on stage,

It’s not a gambit to win over you,

But a revelation,

An epiphany,

To tell you,

How exquisitely beautiful you are!

Gingerly lyrically calculably,

Blithely I sing praises for your sublime perfection.

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