Burns vs Petőfi, or Whose National Poet Is More S**t?

First of all, thank you to Pam for the opportunity to write for One Proud Post, the new series here on Bloggers’ World!

You have to forgive me for choosing a post with a title that might sound offensive at first reading! It’s written tongue-in-cheek, and I think regardless of whether you have any interest in (bad) poetry or whether you’ve even ever heard of Robert Burns – I’d be very surprised if you’ve heard of Sándor Petőfi! 🙂 -, it’s still a post that should make you smile. Which is why I chose it to share today.

Over five years of blogging about literature, history and – occasionally – art, I have written many posts that I’m proud of. (We’ll ignore the others. 🙂 ) The ones I’m most proud of, invariably, are those that speak about something not very well known in an entertaining manner.

I enjoy writing about topics that are out of the mainstream – about the Histories of Herodotus, for example, or Spanish and Hungarian naval history (Hungarian what? It’s a landlocked country!), about forgotten books and obscure poetry. I had written posts on topics about which you’d find nothing in English on the internet apart from my blog. And whenever I managed to write about these topics in a truly entertaining manner, that’s when I feel I’ve done well. Because I’m passionate about sharing literature and history with others.

So I hope you’ll enjoy reading:

Burns vs Petőfi (Or Whose National Poet Is More S**t?)