1. As predicted : post elections: the checking on masks is severe. Now you would be fined if not wearing a mask. I have a loan of 1300 rupees on me.

2. It’s being done because of the community spread.

3. What has this world come to? Election to election. Tax to tax.

4. Taxeme meme xoime raceme.

5. What will happen today?

Will I get to bowl in Shatabdi? I am perfectly healthy as proven by my endurance arts training. I walked about 8 kilometres towards Gathewara last evening.

I can bowl ten overs at stretch.

Is it not enough?

Should I call the doctor? Tetsuo?

Should I watch the grave of fireflies again?

What has this world come to in the end?

6. Not a lockdown but a law in which you need to look like muslim women or pardah tradition following women of ancient times. And those forcing the law are also following it in the name of Ramnath Kovind the husband of the nation. Is it democracy or dictatorship?

7. You elect these people to force laws on you.

8. These are meritorious thieves. They don’t care about your safety but only about their bank balance.

9. Orange restaurant has been changed into Food Mantra restaurant. The Pooja restaurant has shifted its place from being adjacent to hotel Om Sai Ram to Southern side.

10. Now Mercury is Atmakaraka.

11. It’s humane to try to protect yourself. It’s inhumane to do this sudden imposing of taxes in the name of an imaginary disease.

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