The boat and the aquarium!

1. The ship and the boat: As Rohan handed over a black and white paper to me-i was puzzled. I had promised to make a paper boat. I thought I had it in me. But I had forgotten. How easy to forget skills without practice and how very difficult to accomplish even simple things when you’re out of practice! I googled “how to make a paper boat?” The video showed it in four steps which were easy. How easy to forget Trecka. Trecka is 13. Trecka is trick. Trecka is matchbox.

2. Saaregama Padha neesaa: has beginning with ushma color “Saa” then the inner sounds: re, then touch thread “ga”: then “ma” which is also a touch sound and used in anusvara. I realised about an error made in a previous post as I was describing it to Piyush: Pralaya or the cosmic dissolution has Pra as initial letter. The touch color Pa with Ra which is inner sound : I misattributed the touch to water. Though it does contain the tanmatra(property) of touch- as every element following from the Absolute has characteristics of the previous elements. But the element of water has prime characteristic of taste. Whereas the touch is attribute of air. The cosmic waters being attributed to Prakriti or nature tends to make it give more elements of touch. Contact. Air. Marudganas. 49.

3. Ethereal shrine in Thillai or Chidambaram has element of sky in it: which doesn’t suggest lack of others but containing them in the seed form. In form of code. Codex. Sefer Yetzirah. The logos travels through air but it’s also present in the body of ethereal shrine.

4. The three modes of nature give birth to: gods and senses; mind and sky respectively. Gods and senses belong to waking reality: the mind to dreaming and the sky to deep sleep. Vaishwanara. Taijas. Praagya.

5. However: the mind belonging to energy or dreaming is made of inner organs: mind. intellect. psyche. ego. Shakti dancing in form of Pradyumna, Aniruddha, Vaasudev, Sankarshana.

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