Tohu Tuesday!

1. Tohu means chaos. It comes from Jewish mystic tradition Kabbalah.

2. What we perceive as chaos at one level is perceived as intelligence at another and as knowledge at yet another. Dissolution doesn’t mean destruction, it means transformation.

3. Michael Atkins who blogs at MPA travels defined the word Torii for me when I asked. It means : a gateway ( to heaven): it’s a typical Japanese entrance to many Shinto temples. I intitiate today’s Tohu with the same word. There will be ten words hidden as key in the puzzle which might be your reward if you dare to read this verse or alternatively you may head over to the key to just highlight how ordinary this puzzle of a verse was indeed.

4. Tohu Verse: 22:44 PM, IST, November, 4, 2020:

Torii ironically ally kally middle

Management mentation entomology

Gyrating rates serrated Serra Serra

Que quisling questionable blingbots

Slingshot slipshod ode hoodlum

Lumpsum sumptuous succubus busted

Ted talks stalks alkaline ineptitude

Deuteronomy prophet Dhaniram

Moped kind kindred spirits


5. KEY: 1. Doctor who.

2. Pam

3. Lori

4. George

5. Leeway

6. Tyler Durden

7. Hannah

8. Simpson

9. Chopin

10. Ribald

11. Ratbaggery.

Image credit: Self. Edit: I added the word ratbaggery to honor Sir Redpath who recently liked this post.

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