1. Ramalinga Paradesi or Ramalinga Swamikal aka Vallalar was one of adepts who attained physical immortality. He lived near Adyar and offered his verses to ethereal shrine in Thillai(Chidambaram). Wikipedia has an article on him. also has his verses and biography.
  2. Vallalar means philanthrope.

  3. He attained physical immortality by following the path of universal brotherhood or Sanmaargam which is also known as Sayujya liberation.

  4. He said that key to the kingdom of heaven is to feed hungry people and to compose verses to appreciate God-head which was dancing light of grace for him. He’s considered to be foremost among the nineteenth century Tamil poets and one of the makers of Indian literature.

  5. Among the adepts:

Vallalar. Christ. Patanjali. Kabir. Nanak. Gorakhnath. Narad. Meera. Hanuman. Vyasa. Ramanand. Saint Count of Germaine.

There hasn’t been anyone since 1874 to have attained perfect freedom from aging, death, decay and other limitations. It is safe to say: in the known history: he’s the last human who attained mastery over death.

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