Meet Three Bloggers from Blogger’s World!

A lot of us, I think, start blogging as a way to build discipline, hoping that someday, maybe, we’ll actually finish a book. Well, Blogger’s World member Vishaka has done that, not once, but twice…and she’s almost done with her third. Vishaka is a YA author, a muser on what goes into good writing, and a “consider-er” of character, etc., in published work.

If you like smart, good writing, if you are interested in YA fiction, and if you need a little dose of inspiration, I recommend visiting Vishaka’ s blog. Here is a link:


It was nice to roam through the participants in Blogger’s World and rediscover Koolitzable. If you visit this blog, you’ll find all kinds of interesting reading…about travel, fashion, photography, and life in general. Jessy, Koolitzable’s author, self-describes as a techie, chocolate-loving, frugal, adventurous, blogger who knows that happiness is a CHOICE.

I guarantee you’ll find something interesting if you pay this blog a visit:


Oneta Hayes, at Sweet Aroma, is one of the most joyously spiritual bloggers I’ve encountered! Her positive, uplifting blogs are balm to hurting souls, and she imbues her work with compassion, humor, and down-to-earth wisdom. She’s also an old friend from Blogging 101, so she’s a seasoned blogger whose enthusiasm doesn’t seem to flag.

To check out Oneta’s blog, visit here:


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