External challenge news

Just thought I’d give quick mention of news from the external blogging circuit whilst it’s Thursday and traditionally (or previously) a photo-posting themed day.

Mundane Monday photo challenge previously hosted by trablogger (at trablogger.com) was brought to a natural end point by the host at challenge no:150. Quite a feat to host a challenge running for that long. He’d suggested a volunteer might like to take over hosting at their own blog and agreed when a participant candidate offered. This challenge has a new home with KO. My response post at my blog this week is here. MMPC is now based on the original challenge format but reverting to the original concept. So that’s less concern for technical aspects of photography and a mundane everyday type of photo in response to the prompt is welcomed. This week’s prompt is open for entries, as previously, any day before the next Monday.

I found that challenge after visiting Indira’s blog and decided to join in the very week the closing announcement had been posted. I was glad it was continuing in some form.

I’ve not seen Susan’s photo challenge for a while either and maybe that reached an end too? It’s not so easy keeping up with blogs while there are so few link drops, (I probably forget to hit follow on plenty or don’t catch sight of them sometimes if I have) but I don’t post links to my blog here often either. It was a shame that our challenge here reached it’s natural end point as it had it’s unique feature re: the prompt. Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone’s planning any Friday themed stuff ever, a film review maybe? Dunno when the right Friday for one of those next occurs, nor if it remains relevant. And there’s the option to post on your own blog and just drop the link and summary of the post’s topic/theme, if I remember correctly. Then there’s definitely no worries regarding previous schedule if that were an issue. Anyone else have any photo-posting news, thoughts, or whatever?

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