Party Time!

party-people-1644802_1920Welcome to the Bloggers’ World Beach Party

It’s a grey and dull midday where I am. It may be sunny for some of you and it might be a tropical thunderstorm somewhere else. Some of you are maybe still in bed, some of you maybe went already to bed…

No problem! Because this is a virtual party…

So let’s  go down to a nice sandy beach somewhere… (you name it). Personally, I favour the beach under the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. (We’ll pretend that the horrible hotel is not there.) And let’s watch the sunset over the Aegean together.

Bring out the party food, the cocktails and the mocktails, your swimsuit and beach towel (if you like a nice moonlit swim in the still waters of the bay later) – and of course the music!

How to Blog Party (In Case You’ve Never Done This Before)

Add a comment at the end of this post, introducing your blog (don’t forget to leave a link).  Read and reply to other people’s comments, visit blogs that take your fancy, chat to people like you’d do at a real party. You might or might not encounter new blogs to follow and new followers for your own blog but at the very least you have the chance to talk about blogging and make new friends.

I’ll start it off with an intro to my blog:

Waterblogged: Dry Thoughts on Damp Books

…started out life as a book blog when I got fed up with my family pulling faces at the dinner table as I was trying to share my earth-shattering insight into books I’ve been reading. And it remains primarily a book blog although it’s been enriched with travel photography, a quotes section and a bit of art and architecture on the side.

I read anywhere and everywhere – including the bath tub. In consequence I ruined many a good book by dropping them into the bath. If you have just spoiled a book in similar manner, I’ll refer you to my Wet Book Rescue page. 🙂

It’s not one of those book review sites where books are graded by stars and you get a link to a bookshop to buy the book and earn the blogger money. Although occasionally I write the odd more or less traditional review, there’s more to writing about books than writing reviews as you’ll find out if you explore my blog. 🙂

I love the classics (modern and ancient), history and travel so these are my chief topics (although I read plenty of rubbish too!).