Problem with this site #help

I do know that I started writing a draft some time ago now toward a comedic play-writing excercise (British humour!) but hadn’t realised that partial draft was here at this site. I guess it must have been for it to have suddenly appeared here publicly as if I had posted it myself. I did not.

By the time it was posted yesterday afternoon I believe I was asleep. I’d been awake early, reading blogs and tweeting and so exhausted by around lunchtime. No-one else has access to my laptop or my WordPress account. I have now deleted the offending post from the forum and am quite a little distressed by the intrusion and what appears to be yet another backstabbing attempt by whomever fails to accept responsibility for such despicable actions as they’ve been allowed to get away with several times over for whatever lame reason.

I am not offering apologies as I did not post that draft myself. It’s presentation here was incomplete, out of context and several months beyond its’ creation. It will perhaps have gone out via the reader or email follows and is perhaps an attempt to discredit me. I can do that fine for myself thank you, you just gotta look at my blogs to see I do not have a problem with honesty even if I show myself up with plain and painful honesty. Obviously!

And anyone trying to paint me as a slag is (a) thirty years too late and (b) needing to take a long look at their self.

(I will apologise for that comment perhaps seeming a bit below the belt were anyone to take it personally!)

It’s quite concerning that member’s trashed drafts can be removed from the trash (assuming I had trashed it and not left it lingering in draft copy) and posted to public view like that. What kind of trash does such trashy shit is maybe plain as the nose on anyone’s face and thrice as fickle. Dear oh dear! Whatever next! Or maybe it was another trainee Happiness Engineer slipping with their trackpad and entirely a genuine error. They can be such a blooming nuisance, albeit with the best of intentions.

I don’t suppose it has anything to do with trying to pay tribute to a former BW member following news of their unexpected death!? I know he was demonised by another member who took a gross dislike to him. But that’s such old hat and is so hopefully unconnected.

I really don’t like whingeing but I should probably raise a complaint and have the issue investigated to ascertain the source device/IP that enacted the instruction to post to public. Not that I’d be allowed access to that info so barely seems any point. However I was threatened by a (former) member here in relation to security of my data. And I was forewarned that they are influential, potentially with criminal connections and unscrupulous in their vendetta attempts. But that just sounds like bullshit fiction, right? PS- I am not referring to any individual admin/member of the original cohort/team. And most of us as members have no access to admin priveleges anyway so I refuse to be overly anxious about virtual blogging neighbours. Stranger danger and abuses usually involve individuals known to the victim.

I’ve often wished I’d never bothered joining this forum if I’m honest, because of witnessing online bullying and hate campaigns and dreadful discrimination and being caused significant distress by having witnessed those actions. But it was only one or two bad apples spoiling the cart and there’s no way some jumped-up too-big-for-their-boots-bully is pushing me out, although they got away with it with excluding other members so nothing would surprise me. I dislike keep dragging it up. Someone should stop reminding me by way of such bogus attempts! Enough already!






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