#quotations “The brown sky hid…

#quotations “The brown sky hid a few stars in her shawl at dawn.” Parijat

I guess it was reading this line a week or so ago that influenced my haiku post today (new blog space for minimal form posts). It’s a beautiful opening to chapter 12 of the novel ‘Under the Sleepless Mountain’ as translated by Nara Pallav. I expect it does lose some of its’ qualities by limitations of equivalence. Unavoidable. I’m very pleased I waited for a copy as it wasn’t immediately available at the time) and it’s interesting summer reading. Very glad it’s not at all a slushy romance(!) i’d still like to hear it in the original language and I’m going to look out for an audiobook to buy eventually. i don’t mind not understanding.

Thanks to our authorstory contributor for the post on this author