Distractive generation, anyone?

Hi all, it’s good to see new members interested in our blogging community forum as well as some faithful returners (as always it would be nice to see more of you 😉 ) – best wishes to you all and hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂

TIP: struggling to find the dashboard for your members back-end access via the dashboard? I found it again by hitting STATS in the ‘improved editor’ screen. That way you can find your lingering drafts as such things like that missing from the ease-of-use common function screen that they call ‘improved editor’. Doh! (@admin, I’ll tidy up asap if it’s ever really necessary but not much to do there really anyway, I think).

While I’m here, is anyone on the team thinking ahead to August and somehow celebrating the two-year anniversary of this community forum site? I realise that a significant proportion of members joined later and my suggestion isn’t one of exclusion or priority, but of course, open to all in the spirit of the forum’s founding principles.

I know I’m not alone in enjoying marking such pivotal moments in community learning curves, even if some of us are a bit quieter along the way, or time to time. I was still lingering in the b101commons with late-finishers as all other supportive community were busy establishing this forum. Ever thankful to @thinkerv0 for being so aware amidst the myriad of emails and notifications or my join request might have been missed forever, back in the day, so to speak. (By the way, @kristinavanhoos the offer I made last summer still stands and could probably be improved, if you ever need that help)

@piyushavir it’s reassuring to see you back – did you tick the to-do list on my last #authorstory post in March? I just noticed it while looking back for another contributor’s post to refer to here. I didn’t tag you for that day’s post in my original post and maybe you added it yourself sometime while here? I probably have a screenshot and/or PDF file of my post at point of draft and as published. If it helps in the case that there’s an admin glitch. Because these things happen. Apparently.

Apologies that I needed a hiatus while most of our community have seemed busy elsewhere. I expect to back with #authorstory posting as soon as possible. There’s still plenty of archive content, hopefully. There’s still loads of great posts I’ve not managed to read properly yet and I look forward to dropping back to some now and then. Some of us loving or needing practise or stuck for post ideas could be refreshing past content with new posts springboarding from them and re-opening discussion. Comments closing after 30days is such a pain because hardly anyone ever pings back to an old post to feedback or expand on content. Apparently, statistically, most people won’t venture two clicks to get to something they actually want to find but are too impatient, I wish i could remember where I learnt that, but can’t be bothered to look for a source to cite for such an irrelevant soundbite. Changes to the WordPress service plans now mean that the site owner could potentially receive some small financial return to help with the cost of keeping this forum alive. But how many of us really know how to use such things to best effect? Could it be a community-learning opportunity that benefits bloggers in their individual efforts as well as sustaining community and this facility/resource? The forum could actually have functioned for the whole of two years on the free plan with still no real urgent need for a content-clearance-strategy. But only in terms of basic function and the presentation would have been skewed without full-functionality. So i’d been keen to help keep the forum going, regardless of past difficulties, as we were / are all here for co-learning and personal development (and for some that incorporates professional development too of course). So whether the site will continue with the Personal Premium* plan is bound to be on some members minds before they invest any more energy along the way of original content creation here. (*apols WP but not that’s not ‘best for professional use’ as professionals invest the small outlay in their business otherwise they’re just play-acting at professional or in start-up development phase working toward that, but best for personal use, is my personal opinion. And I almost wish that I’d never invested any money at all in my own blogs because just as I had they made all these horrid changes and I was not a happy bunny. Getting off the point again. Soz.

I wonder that the limitations of not using reader tags and our own choices of keywords for our posts, especially the feature type content you set up and scheduled, is counter-productive. In those kind of ways we’ve been required to limit potential readership and so contributing bloggers are not receiving the readership either here or at their own blogs when leaving links. That is a tremendous hindrance for those with a desire to either drive traffic to their personal sites (and that’s not a detriment to this site, but although high on some blogger’s agendas isn’t everyone’s focus ie. to those wishing to create stronger community network(s) as per blogging101/201 type fundamentals. I know the tagging discussion’s been done time and again but a refresh in discussion practise can be useful or ignored. Whatever.

Now my post doesn’t match the one I had planned to make for my post-title. Never mind. It kinda fits. I guess I’ll be back. Laters 🙂

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