Anyone writing for the ‘capable prompt’ or 100wordstory maybe?

Today’s prompt from Ben H. at Daily Post is ‘Capable’; I just checked in thinking maybe someone might have issued a 100wordstory prompt for an adhoc challenge – or maybe there’ll be one next time I get here for me to forget to take part with again! Bit hopeless isn’t it when we ‘want’ things until we get them and then either life happens, or we find we didn’t really want it and if only we’d…

Anyway, I’m having a go at a 100word story with the DPprompt then.

Some members said here somewhere that they find it too much for the number of responses to link to DP. Maybe that’s for the time it takes browsing other participants – even a few reading visits can suck hours away if we’re substantive commenting as well. Moreso with wifi instabilities and maybe other distractions.

So, if you wanna link your post here, I might just link mine here too – or I might just read yours and let you find mine some other way if you really want to but I never expect readers here to visit my blogs, actually! Maybe if there’s 3 or more post links first maybe then I’ll share my link, or not…!

So that’s an invite to link up with a DP prompt post/today’s ‘Capable’, or any 100word story – or to issue a challenge prompt for 100wordstory.[tho’ no guarantee of takers of course!] and you don’t have to feel compelled to read mine (or anyone else’s) just because you joined in. Assuming someone here might want to, any day of any week, whenever – cos a pingback might or might not work out of time if comments switch off and …

(Who expects you to read everything when you walk into a reading room or library when it’ll still be there hopefully next time! I’m finding an older thing here to enjoy reading nearly every time while it’s so quiet that I’m surprised to have missed seeing almost every visit – reviews and the like. and yes, I realise I’m missing time with ‘my own blogging circle of acquaintance/friends’ but everyone here has been part of that unless we haven’t ever acquainted in small ways yet! Just one thing at a time then… cold coffee downstairs again if i don’t take my screen break!)

Apols to admins/organisers/volunteers/readers for flooding with posts/comment but we got this daily flower looking thing in a lovely vase and while y’all away on working/ hols/colleging/caring and whatever else, someones gotta drop in and check the water for its refill! L8r then maybe! Cheers! [and I’m trying to remember that we’re on different time zones so some of you might only just be … whatever we all do at certain times…!]