Shutterbug Love and sharing some more?

I was wondering if a round-up of past prompt and post links might be good for returning and new readers? Unless anyone else wants to do that (but I don’t mind when it happens to be a gap in our schedules enough another day). I’ve been intending starting from beginning prompts for ages anyway, but lost an earlier list on paper that I’d started my ‘catch-up notes on!’

The following image is not that page of missing notes, or this would be a ‘Monday Magic’ post and I do just about keep track of what day it is! It’s a lo-res screengrab of this Monday’s handwritten poetry  notes extracted from a page, doubling up (prepping for) a post from here for this week’s WPDiscover challenge. 

So, technically not a photo for shutterbug, but it is derived from a screengrab of my photo files and digital notes, including a particular type of ‘found’ poem I wrote after the influence of reading some of Cid Corman’s poetry in the ModPo class on Monday. I read a comment about ‘digital ephemera’ and so grabbed some of mine.

I don’t get on with apps and avoid them, preferring to use the simple MSPaint program found in most Windows operating systems. The wordpress platform alone has most of my needs fulfilled very nicely, and I LOVE wordpress! (Image is still very small in size. it may be annoyingly begging you to click parts that fail to function when buttons and tabs display. I personally like that confusion to keep me alert, theoretically, and most people I know can be amused by this annoyance! I won’t make a habit of it here, hopefully!).


Also checking current image rules I didn’t find any since the ‘free-for-all’ announcement but might have missed them. Apologies if so, but feel it’s a valid question to ask again to clarify image posting rules here. Obviously an actual photopost was one image only due to size and loading. #feedback welcome.

Our #blogging101 refresher could be mindful of interspersing images in blocks of texts makes it more comfortable for the reader. One of our member bloggers regularly demonstrates integrating images and texts in her travel blog posts in a very pleasing way. Many others retain this habit/preference at their personal blogs, though not all enjoy images, especially shabby ones like mine(!) It depends if you want to share your images in a multi-author site, of course. I don’t know if there are restrictions for stock photos used on group sites, but we should always check terms of use anyway. Fair use guidelines applies in UK as a general rule, including attributions where appropriate.

My pic below appears yellowed for having to turn the flash off to show the text and not altering my lighting settings (for laziness and haste!)


I’ve already shared a full photo file very early today. I’m not stickying this post in case anyone else had or has a Shutterbug ready to go and they can sticky theirs and I’ve added the read more tag at this point. Or you can share a post via tagging/comments/link as usual.

By the way, Pam wrote a lovely memoribilia type post at her own blog and her link at the current sticky post here at Blogger’s World should lead you quite near to find that too.

#WPDiscover #Shutterbug Showcase