Options? (Authors who made History)

As I’m not managing to gather an author’s bio type post together right now I thought…

well, I posted this Authorstory anniversary post on Sunday so…

Thank you to those who’ve volunteered already for future posts:

  • 18th January, Pam
  • 25th January, GraceAnne
  • 1st February, (Bharath? to confirm or any week thereafter, if still interested?)
  • all other Wednesdays through February available, anyone willing?

I’m behind with Shutterbug as I had something to share for ‘Love’ then forgot, and no idea if anyone else is taking on a post here for that tomorrow (oops! today now!) or if an empty space, then I maybe will… and just for now, something from Wednesday’s creative plays after poetry and bookishness, …


photo by me, 11th January 2017 – that was a spider!