#Authorstory call

Just over a year ago, on 6th January 2016, @sashay909 got the ball rolling with the first in a series of feature posts called ‘Authors who made History’. That wonderful post featured the legendary William Shakespeare.

Thank you @piyushavir for confirming you’re ok for us to try and take your challenge forward, if anyone wishes to join in and maybe add to ideas or issue new small challenges within the theme. So I’m also sharing this extract (from my latest blogpost taking part in coolbeans’ MonthlyLookAhead…)

I’m hoping to pick up on some exploratory #Shakespeare401 appreciation too, in this last third/quarter of the year long 400years celebration announced last Spring on Blogger’s World from then resident instigator WanderingSoul. Although she’s busy with other projects now, her support for the forum has been much appreciated. And the events she suggested were such a great idea that it’d be nice to maybe revisit and build on some of them. Over time, not in a rush, heading for around the 401st anniversary date as a ‘completion’ timeframe/ongoing. For now, I leave you with this, in retrospect, tweeted from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (link at left goes to their website homepage, click below to visit/follow their twitter feed)…

While I’ve not actually volunteered as ‘scheduling-in-charge’ for the Authors who made History feature, I felt I should post a reminder call and also mark the milestone of this anniversary, with thanks to Rashmi et al.

Pam has kindly volunteered to make the post for January 18th (and I’m having a bash at the creative writing topic for 21st!)

I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s contributions. It’s really good to learn about different authors from different times and places. Any volunteers to make a post for #authorstory during coming weeks? Varying styles and word-counts are very acceptable and most welcome! Please put yourself forward if so. If there are no offers for this week by midnight GMT on Tuesday I have a post in reserve I can tidy up and share here, but could also save that for later 🙂

If you have something already that you want to recommend for our reading enjoyment (on Shakespeare or any other ‘authorstory’ type subject), please feel free to link by pingback or comment – or maybe even by using the Reader tag as a way of joining in from your own blog!)

Cheers all, hope you’re having a good Sunday!


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