Shutterbug showcase anyone? Any happy snappers this week?

A place here to link with a post showcasing your snap, for the prompt ‘LOVE’ or maybe any happy snap you like, preferably your own or with originator permission to share, was the rule, I believe.
(Edit: apologies for comments apparently being set to off. I’ve just been alerted to this and now attempting to rectify. You can tag your post to show in the Reader under ‘ShutterbugShowcase’ also.]

I’m a bit stretched with only mobile phone access for a while until my home wifi/tech issues resolve. So maybe later (via link in comments)  for ‘LOVE’ the most recent prompt offered (with thanks again @adrienne3 for your participation with ‘Toast’,  cheers and very Happy New Year to you and yours 🙂

So, there’s a call to discontinue some things here. If you’re a serious photography enthusiast you’ll understandably be keen to take part in Susan G’s MacroMoments challenge. Even if you don’t wish to take part her event is well attended and provides some great reading / viewing. You’ll find a link at her recent post on this site.

Some of us though are happy snappers just for the fun and with older technology are maybe unable to meet the expectations. However our other Susan and others helped with the wonderful ideas behind the #ShutterbugShowcase here and my feeling is it would be nice to see it carry on.

So trying to get anyone on a schedule hasn’t quite worked lately, but then we’ve barely got back to normal with holidays not quite finishing, new term preps underway and all the usual pressures of everyday lives.

Maybe you’ve a shutterbug type photopost link to share in the comments/pingback? Or maybe you’d like to remind us of a fave #photopost or prompt from past responses? Or even to write something inspired by one of them, as if a #writing101 prompt? (Challenge originally included writing option too!)

Happy New Year all! Bye for now…

#photo101 #blogging101