The Way Forward for this Forum?

Some of the comments of @beckybwinch in reply to my Merry Christmas post I think made a lot of sense both about how this forum started and why it might be struggling.

If you all remember we started out after various Blogging Uni courses and it was nice to stay in touch – but obviously some of us got very busy with our own blogs and didn’t want to post here instead and others simply gave up blogging altogether.

If we want to rejuvenate this forum as a meeting place perhaps we need to rethink some of our approaches.

What do you think about the following?

  • Instead of the lots of different features that required people to post here, only keep a few going in the form of challenges to which people should reply on their own blogs, leaving a link in the comments or a ping back (as it’s done with the Daily Post and many other challenges in already) – while:
  • Still offer people the opportunity to do a full guest post – once a week or month (or whatever) with people being able to sign up in advance for the slot so that they could advertise their blogs.
  • Keep this area of Bloggers’ World like a chat zone for people just to socialise and discuss blogging problems and triumphs, ask for advice, etc.
  • Perhaps collate some blogging resources available to members

What are your thoughts?

I’m making this post sticky for a week so that you can all see it (instead of repeatedly tagging people).