Commenting on individual blogs

Anyone else getting log-in requests when trying to comment on individual blogs while already logged in?

I’m unable to leave comments on some blogs for screens such as this one appearing (apologies @oneta for using most recent example from visiting one of your older posts), as shown below:


Apols for inserting pic but it’s only a low-resolution screengrab and shouldn’t slow anyone’s device for small size. Perhaps it’s international server issues or something.

Anyway, I won’t be entering my log-in details on anyone’s blog while i’m already logged in with WordPress, so it shouldn’t be necessary. Usually it only happens on self-hosted blogs, not WordPress sites. And someone has been using my email address to make accounts with money-making and referral schemes. My email account keeps filling with spam from sites I’ve never accessed, and have never opened those accounts myself. I don’t open the mail, i simply delete it – and have to find the online fraud website i should have reported it to already (not connected with my use as a reader of Oneta’s blog!)

I  need to check my settings when focussing well enough, but usually leave commenting at my blogs wide open for ease of visitor access and let Aksimet take care of any spam for me. Although as some of my blogs have had interference I changed my password recently to prevent further intrusions. [I probably just filled in the password at these screens sometime ago while too ill to realise!]

Apologies again Oneta, as it appears I can’t comment at your blog right now, so i might bookmark one of your posts for an ‘inspired post’ type excercise and you should then receive a pingback to alert you.