Be Aware – Temporary Glitch re linking

@admin –

Some reassurance might be nice that the glitches occurring here are not more silly bitch denying participation and determined to destroy our blogging community forum! Does s)he want me to proceed with my as yet unresolved legitimate legal complaint then rather than admonishing admin access and allowing fair and reasonable front-end access to members?

OR Is it a ‘new’ authoritarian Presidential directive? RoFL – yUK/US the global joke of the 21stC? Freethinking socially responsible citizenship no longer allowed?? WtF?!

Sorry @admin volunteers not implicated in this private and personal dispute. The culprit only needs to give over messing up settings deliberately to prevent participation! I don’t care how rich the bitch is nor who the hell’s father is a lawyer and international law overrides national law and my complaint is justifiable. Thank you. Have a nice day.