monday magic: Visitor links here (please?)

According to our published Weekly Features info, today is ‘Monday Magic’:

This is a feature where the volunteer gets to share inspiring stories. Other than the theme being ‘inspirational’, the feature is open to interpretation. Contributors can share whatever they find inspiring …

So, I have no idea if Blogger’s World members have a post in mind to publish here (but we DO have most of 12GB free for current use and should perhaps make responsible use of this facility. There are also a steady stream of new followers according to stats so…

Members / non-members are very welcome to share a link here, in the comments, to their own inspiring/inspired blog post and/or a recommended reading link to any other blog post or article. NB: Please only share one link per comment (maybe use the nested reply field if you wish to share one link of your own blog and one link to the blog of another community member?) 

Happy Monday Magic!

PS: Dear Members, if you had a post planned for the Monday Magic feature please go ahead and post it and I will unsticky this post from home after you have stickied yours – and maybe you’ll be so kind as to add a link to this post to your article or invite blog-hop links from your post?