Going… Going… Gone?!

While being very grateful to @colettebates for playing along and carrying on the photopost baton today, I can’t help noticing that this place now appears to be totally dead. Scrolling down the page I can see a total of five posts made on this forum (apart from a few replies) since I posted on 19 October to ask for volunteers for the November and December photoposts. It’s true that half of those were the photoposts.

I see very little point in asking people to keep doing the photoposts – which appears to be the only feature still left running – if nobody sees those posts. So I’m proposing to step down as scheduler – given that there’s nothing to schedule anyway as there are no volunteers. If someone would like to take over, please put your hands up 🙂 but I suspect that there aren’t enough of us who want to carry on.

I think it was a fun feature and I hope it’ll revive in which case I’m sure I’ll be back. In the meantime I’m intending to attend other people’s photo challenges (there’s plenty around wp.com) with a bit more regularity and you’re welcome to follow my blog Waterblogged if you want to see the resulting pictures. I’m also thinking of perhaps biting the bullet and starting something similar of my own on my blog – if I can figure out a good format and if I feel I can commit to it!

Wishing you all the best here!

@piyushavir, would you mind please taking me off the sidebar, etc. as scheduler so that people will stop tagging me for Shutterbug Showcase? Thanks a lot!