Hello on a beautiful autumn…

Hello on a beautiful autumn Sunday in Ohio…

A wonderful friend and colleague is launching from our little college into a BIG job–one with lots of reach and chances for her to use her rich talents to make a real impact in students’ lives. So exciting–we celebrated with a farewell lunch–and SHE brought goodbye gifts for all of us. (That tells you something about who she is, and why she’s going places…)

In her honor, I decided to use the first prompt in the lovely writer’s journal she gave me as the base for this week’s post. And that was, “If you could talk with anyone, living or dead…” I expanded that to the old chestnut we’ve often used in English classes: If you could invite twelve people, living or dead, to a dinner party, whom would you invite?

It was fun to plan an inter-realm dinner on this All Hallow’s Eve weekend. For purposes of this exercise, I omitted any religious figures and any relatives or in-laws, so as not to omit anyone of great importance. My result is below.

And I’d love to hear your list. Whom would you invite????


Have a wonderful week!