A Vote

Hello everybody…. I just added a poll to a post on my blog. It’s the first time I’ve ever done it and I’ve got a question:

I used Polldaddy because it seemed part of WordPress, there instructions and it was easy, seemed no different from when I’m inserting a photo into a post. What I was not aware is that this seems to be a service you have to pay for?

I logged in and then Polldaddy wanted to charge me 40 dollars? I would have thought that if I was going to be charged, I should have had the option to know this before I inserted a poll into my blog?! I refused and they didn’t ask me for any card details after that, which I suppose is fine and the poll seems to work nevertheless.

But I’m a bit confused now so if any of you used Polldaddy before, can you enlighten me? Is this a free service or not?

Oh and if you want to vote: It’s about what kind of posts people would like to read more in my feature about the Mediterranean and it’s available here:

Mediterranean Mondays