How to make a personalized door nameplate

Few days back, I was invited to a kid’s birthday. It was a no-gift birthday, but since he is quite close to me I wanted to gift him something personalized. Actually, I prefer gifting hand-made personalized gifts to family and friends. I had created this personalized nameplate for my friend on her house-warming occasion.

So, the idea of personalized door-name-plate with birthday boy’s name popped up. It’s quite simple any one can make it following the process I am sharing below.


  • Ply-board
  • Ceramic powder
  • Fevicol (adhesive)
  • Acrylic colors
  • Clear varnish
  • Painting brush
  • Marker pen
  • Jute cloth piece
  • Jute string


  • Cut the jute cloth in rectangle shape. (image1). Apply the adhesive on ply-board and then place the jute cloth on it (image2). As a marking, now write the name with marker pen (image3).


  • Make a paste of ceramic powder and adhesive, and fill it in piping cone. You can even use ready-to-use colorful ceramic cones available in market.


  • With the help of ceramic cone overwrite on the marking made. You can even create some patterns on the board, like I have applied dots on the edges and created Sun. Now, let it dry overnight.


  • After drying, apply golden color all over the board.


  • To highlight the name and to brighten-up the overall piece, now apply a contrasting color. In this nameplate I colored the name with red, dots with blue and Sun with orange.


Color the back side to add a finishing touch, and then attached a hook or a string to hang the nameplate.

Finally to maintain its beauty forever apply clear varnish once the colors have fully dried. See it’s so easy and not much effort is required to create this beautiful personalized nameplate.

Personalized gifts go long way in creating lovely memories. Gift your love one a personalize nameplate and touch someone’s heart.

I hope this post was helpful. In case of doubt feel free to ask I will be most happy to help.