Inviting Nominations for Schedule/Feature Incharge for Friday Feature

Hi All,
in light of the big announcement of the upcoming launch of my website, I would be unable to continue handling the Friday Feature as I do have a lot of to care of.
In addition to writing for my own blog, I am writing my novel, organising writing events, and pursuing further courses and workshops on writing. So you see I have a lot of my plate now, as compared to when I had taken the feature. This leaves me with little time to do more that I can. Hence, I am forced to take some things off and unfortunately, the Friday Feature is one the things that I’d have to let go off.

I’d like to hand over the reins to someone else who can take the feature to greater heights.
Please do suggest your names if you would like to be assigned this fun responsibility of scheduling the feature, giving prompts etc.

Also, for Tuesday Trivia, please as nominate yourselves as the feature incharge as @feelings161 is unable to volunteer anymore due to personal reasons.