Good afternoon, my friends. I…

Good afternoon, my friends. I admit to being perplexed and disturbed—even shocked–by some of the recent conversations on our forum. As the old lady of the group, I feel justified in proposing some thoughts, and I absolutely welcome your feedback.

• Do we need to periodically assess and articulate our goal, ensuring we share the same purpose?
• Can we keep all comments directed at the writing, the suggestion, or the situation, and not at the person? In marriage/relationship counseling (don’t ask how I know this!) we’re advised to use “I statements…” as in, “I am upset when I feel people are taking advantage.” It’s a bit cliché, but the discipline of that kind of response keeps us from attacking the person instead of the action.
• How can we maintain the forum without having one person overburdened by admin work? It’s unfair for one volunteer to try to do everything involved with the administration on this kind of forum. Even as I write that, I know I don’t have time to do a sweeping-scope job…but I could do something more to help, even with my limited tech skills, especially in a rotation. And I never express my gratitude as well as I should for all that others do.
• Is there, in cases of complete disagreement where no resolution seems possible, a place for appeal? Can we, perhaps, call on one of the Happiness Engineers to guide and advise?

I have thoroughly enjoyed and absolutely benefited from participation in Bloggers’ World; I’m delighted at the connections I’ve made and the blogs I now read regularly—my outlook has definitely expanded. I have to believe, based on those warm and rich interactions, that we can disagree without blame or personal attacks.

Not knowing if this is helpful or not, I post it anyway, with utmost respect for you, my BW colleagues.