How To Kill This Forum

I’m a great believer in live & let live and this is, after all, a forum to share. But I do rather object having to scroll through 7 posts by the same person, every single one of which is nothing more than the link to one of his/her posts with tags. The person in question has been told before by an admin – I remember the occasion – that this was not acceptable.

We all would like more readers – that’s what a blog is about in the end, I suppose – but this forum will only work if there is actually something worthwhile to read on it. Otherwise why would anyone come here at all?

I don’t buy tabloids because they bore me. I don’t read junk mail that comes through the letter box because it bores me. And I don’t read catalogues of items that I have no interest in because they bore me. You know what? I suspect that I’m not the only one!

Nobody will bother to read a forum which is only a catalogue of boring links.

So if you share a link here, have a specific question to ask that you need help with or second opinions on. If you just want to advertise a post that you’re proud of and want to draw as many people’s attention to it as possible, that’s fine too. But do us the courtesy of taking the trouble to write a post that entertains and hooks us – and we will click your link to read more. Why, we might even subscribe to your blog if we like it!

I deliberately didn’t name the – to me – offending person because I’m not interested in a witch hunt. I think the forum in general would benefit if all people kept to the principles above. (I know many of you do already.) Also this is only my personal opinion, nothing more.

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