Author’s Who Made History: Whitman and Sillitoe (and taking a day off)

(Another break… in style, that is…)

“All the future is foretold, but freedom of choice is given to everyone.” Rabbi Akiba ben Joseph

[inscription in Alan Sillitoe’s 1972 book, ‘Raw Material’, ISBN no: 0 491 00503 2]

I had been planning to write about the 20th century writer Nottingham-born author Alan Sillitoe, (4th March 1928 – 24th April, 2010)

As you know, (perhaps), the date usually has [to have for me] some significance in my #authorstory posts and then just because of the

date issue, and not having one with Alan Sillitoe, or anybody else, the alternative Walt Whitman post I was preparing hinged on a letter he wrote on this day in 1863. You can see a transcribed archive document of that letter at the Walt Whitman archive.

However, I’m stalling, while awaiting image permissions that might not arrive. Because I’m not a proper writer and I probably made a bad job of asking a bit too late or at least not early enough for this office to that office and onward. And because this site might not seem a credible venue on perusal of posts (especially now). I dunno, I might just get it yet and might just post this properly. IF I do. That will now be on my own personal blog where I can assure limitation of access to the image file in the media library. (No offence intended to our member authors/forum team.)

But it’s unlikely I’ll do this properly in this time frame. I usually write my posts live on the wire from scatty notes loosely prepared beforehand and deciding live on the wire what to include and what to leave out.

I don’t feel comfortable saving draft posts here and scheduling my posts to be “on time”. I have my reason but because it is [marked] PRIVATE…

Anyway, by way of consulting the novetheric crystal ball, apparently Sillitoe and Whitman both agree (and now insist) I just post this for our lounging learning enjoyment:

Today is apparently International Lazy Day (I heard that on the radio last night so I know it’s true!)

Apologies [if] the images I hoped to show are absent. It’s not meant to look like an advert for (my) twitter…

…you just have to click the highlighted link to see the pics I captioned and retweeted. I’d bet you can do a better job than me. And I’d love to see some more #LazyDay tweets if you wanna link-drop some in comments to this post, please feel free but I’ve got a bit of a headache, need to get some dinner, and frankly can’t be bothered to look for myself! Go on, you don’t have to be lazy – Lazy Day is apparently for you to have a bit more ‘me-time’ online or something…? (oh and any #feedback welcome and much appreciated of course…)

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(Sincere apologies to my readers for the inconvenience I caused in posting twelve hours beyond my deadline. But honestly, I don’t mind if you just wanna pin or bookmark it and be as late as you like reading it! Or not at all, of course, as is the case with most people the whole world over…)