Tuesday Trivia

Hello everybody,
I am sorry, I am a little late with today’s feature.
Here is your Tuesday’s dose of Trivia. 🙂

  • In Harry Potter, Alan Rickman was the only person other than J.K. Rowling to know Snape was defending harry because he was in love with Lily Potter to make his performance genuine. (I try to never miss a Harry Potter fact, Proud Potterhead you see 😛)
  • Humpback whales create the loudest sound of any mammal. And you thought the loudest sound came from that two-year-old you sat next to on your trans-continental flight, didn’t you?
  • Peter Ostrum, Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, never acted in another movie after that and is now a veterinarian. Source
  • A British man changed his name to Tim Pppppppppprice to make it harder for telemarketers to pronounce. (Such extremes! :P)


Which of these did you find interesting? 🙂