Would you believe..? 2

Here’s a question travel agents just love (heavy sarcasm) to hear in the other end of the phone..”Hello, Jackie. It’s … Where am I?”

It happened to me more than once. One such call went like this.

“Hello, it’s…” 

“Hi, how can I help you today?” 

(Pause) “Jackie, where am I?”

(Longer pause on my end.) “Well, according to your reservation, you should be in Fayetteville. Why?”


“Uh, no, North Carolina. Why?”

“My meeting is in Arkansas. I thought it was funny when I had to change planes in Charlotte.”

By now, everyone in my office is laughing hysterically.  “Didn’t you read your ticket when it was delivered? ”  “No, I just stuck it in my briefcase. How can I get to a Fayetteville, Arkansas, today.”

“Well, I’m afraid you can’t get there from where you are – you need to come back to Newark or Philadelphia and leave from there.”

(Another pause.) “I guess I should read my tickets from now on.”

You think?