Blogging communities as beautiful as they are, are full of members you haven’t met. Here at Blogger’s World we are all about engaging and encouraging new and old members of the community. As the kind of new but still old  member, I one day decided to go through all the members of this community and I am astounded to have not found some of them early on. Which made me wonder, some people are missing out on some really interesting blogs and vice versa. So here is an idea of featuring bloggers of the community, like we do a feature about authors who made history, this is about bloggers who make this community.

Today’s feature is Ellie from Welshshortbread

Ellie is a teenager from UK who loves acting and also has a profound hobby of writing. Her blog was started approximately an year ago and she’s been a member of Blogger’s World since.

She takes pride in being a narcissist, and then again who wouldn’t if they could write as well at such early age, yet is as humble and always on look out for good reviewing and feedback for her writing. Here is an excerpt from one of her poems

Now all that’s left ‘s a gilded cage
With two bright rainbow wings
And perched above in solitude
The swallow never sings.

(Humming Bird and Swallow)

Though she struggles with writing on a regular basis, she keeps it interesting by covering a variety of ramblings (as her title “ramblings of a teenager”). When asked upon how she wants people to perceive her writing, she put it as,

I am an opinionated young person who likes to discuss matter both private and personal on a deep and introspective level, but I’m also pretty self aware of how pretentious that can sound coming from someone with so little experience of the world.

Being an ENFP-T personality she is very open and loving, generally in awe with life itself. Further on about her writing, she says.

I’d like people to see that I inject a bit of self-depreciating sarcastic humor into my blog.

Confidence to such extent is virtue that definitely is worth appreciation. The few conversations I had with her, made me realize she is a happy and free spirit.

There upon she mentions a few deeply made connections she’s made here on the community Anand, Kelli, Abbie, Sasha, Laura to name a few, and her real life friend cum blogger Emily

I am glad to have made a good conversation and find some good reads on her blog, and I have no question in mind you’d find her blog interesting as well. Do check her out.


Grace Anne