Be The Change – Monday Magic

Have you ever wondered on the magic of the unknown? Some refer to this as fear..I see it as opportunities. Opportunities as something new to discover. New adventures to embark on. How many of you will decide to move far away with no solid reason and pack all your stuff and start fresh somewhere in hopes of finding this magical moment to occur? I have. 

I read a quote somewhere that “life begins outside of your comfort zone.” That has always resonated with me. When God decides to move you up, He makes you uncomfortable. Many people are afraid of this so they stay where they have comfort. Others embrace it. 

Think of someone famous who accomplished much in life. Did they get there while in their comfort zone? Or did they go against the grain? Totally against the grain!

Here is another quote. “With big risks come big rewards.”

So on this magical Monday (Tuesday for some) think of the many ways that you can step outside the box. Color outside the lines. Hell, draw your own lines! Paint your own pictures. 

In what ways can you shake up your everyday routines to do something outlandish? 

What are your dreams? Why not do something crazy like follow them despite criticism from others. 

If you are looking for a cheerleader, send me a message! I am a great motivator! If anything else today, be an inspiration to someone who can do nothing for you! 


Have a wonderful day and week bloggers!