Rules for Posting on Bloggers World

We sometimes forget that this is a blogging forum exactly like our own blogging site. Please follow the below guidelines while posting on Blogger’s World.

Title – the title of the post is the heading of the article. Please give it proper thought. Imagine writing a newspaper article or an ad. Would anyone read it if it had no title or heading? Therefore, please give proper headings or titles to your post, irrespective of whether you use the quick text box at the top or the post editor to write it.
Sometimes you may need to drop a quick message to the admin or one individual member (without addressing the entire forum). In that case, please leave a comment on the relevant post instead of writing a new post.
For Weekly Features, please mention the name of the weekly feature in the title.
These would also be available in the Categories menu soon so it would further make it easier to filter them. (Not yet, soon…!)

Body/Content – this is where you would put the content of your post. It works exactly as you would write on your blog.

Tags – Please go through the tags before you write your post. Creating new tags which are similar to already existing ones would only add to the confusion. Tags should go at the end of the post and not in the heading/title.

Categories – All the required Categories have already been created. Please have a look at them while editing/writing your post in the post editor. Kindly check mark the relevant category and then uncheck the ‘uncategorised’ box.  (For general posts sharing your blog links or other non-weekly posts, select Member Posts please. For the Weekly features, select the relevant category please.

Weekly Features – All weekly features have been explained in detail. Please do read what they are. Familiarize yourself with the rules. And do nominate yourself for participating in those that interest you.

Commenting & Feedback – All of us crave feedback for our writing. You know you do too. Please take out time to give feedback too, especially before you ask for it. All the forum asks is you give feedback on at least 2 posts before you write your own. It would really mean a lot to the writer of that post, just as someone giving you feedback would mean a lot to you. (Even Community Pool has such rules. Must be there for a reason, right?)
Would urge you to first visit those posts that solicit feedback using the relevant tag, then go browsing through the other posts.

Pictures – Pictures are not allowed on any posts unless it is a weekly feature or guest feature. Any non-weekly posts (including Sunday’s 13 words story posts) with photographs would be deleted immediately. (Many apologies in advance!)

Please note I would be deleting some old redundant posts too in an attempt to clear up the clutter. Would request you to do the same as well.
As always, I am open for #discussion , #idea, suggestions and #feedback on how to make the forum better. Please feel free to rip me apart if you don’t like what I am doing. 🙂