Trivia Tuesday


Hello everyone,
Here is your dose of Trivia Tuesday!

  • Bruno Mars’ birth name is Peter Gene Bayot Hernandez. His stage name, ‘Bruno Mars‘, was inspired by the wrestler Bruno Samartino. This was because as a child, Bruno was independent, confident and strong-willed, like the wrestler. ‘Mars‘ came along because he was often told he was “out of this world” by the girls, so he used the planet Mars as his last name.
  • The least financially successful Harry Potter film made approximately $90 million more than the most successful Twilight movie. (He-He Evil laugh!)
  • In 2007, a 1000-gallon inflatable swimming pool was stolen from someone’s back garden without a single drop of water being found! (C-R-A-Z-Y!)
  • In a 2008 survey, 58% of British teens thought Sherlock Holmes was a real guy, while 20% thought Winston Churchill was not. Source
  • Microsoft had offered to buy Yahoo for US$44.6 billion in 2008. Yahoo rejected the offer. In 2016, it sold for just US$4.8 billion. Source

That’s all I have for today.
Which of these did you find the most interesting?
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