New Weekly Monday Feature

Hi All,

Thanks for voting  for the name of the new weekly feature.

We now have the new name with us. May we have the drum rolls, please.

Ta da…. And the name that you all chosen is Monday Magic!
Poll Results

Category – Monday Magic (While writing your post, check the box for ‘Monday Magic’ from the list of Categories. Uncheck the option of ‘Uncategorised’)

Tag – mondaymagic (type the first three letters ‘mon’ and then select the prompt of ‘mondaymagic’ that comes up. Please do not create a new tag.)

Recommend use of correct tags and categories for the posts under this feature. If incorrectly tagged, your post won’t show up in the search results. Also, untagged and uncategorised posts are often deleted from the back-end during the clean up exercise. Make sure your post isn’t one of those deleted (although I do take care from my end to not delete any important posts, especially those that are weekly features!)

The feature will start from August 1st. Dawn Marie has very kindly agreed to be the Schedule Incharge. Please feel free to tag her @dawnmarie823 or me @piyushavir, in case if you need any help for this feature.

Thank you to all those who voted!

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