Would you believe…? (Guest Post by Jackie)

Dear Friends,

We have reason to believe that Anandhotep and Jadoo may have kidnapped @ananyabha. Why else would she miss her nomination for the Trivia Tuesday?! She is usually quite punctual with her features. We are still trying to figure out the cause of her disappearance. We have already contacted the Intergalactic Department of Unexplained and Ill-timed Mysterious Disappearances to help track our friend. In the meanwhile, enjoy this hilarious real-life trivia by Jackie. 🙂 (Thanks for this @mkjackie99)

As a business travel consultant for over 20 years, I ran into a lot of strange requests, but this call had to be one of the oddest ever. It happened about the mid 1980’s or so.

A woman called the agency, and I got the call. She wanted to go to Paris.

“Paris, France, or Paris, Texas,”I asked.

“France.”  (Now, keep in mind, I live and worked in New Jersey, east coast of the USA.)

“Where do you want to fly from?”

“I don’t want to fly, I want to take that new tunnel.”

“Tunnel?  Ma’am, do you mean the Channel Tunnel? It’s not due to be completed for two more years. If you want to cross the English Channel, there are ferries and hovercraft crossings, or you can fly from London.

“I don’t fly. I want to drive.”

“Huh? How do want to get to Europe, then? If you don’t fly, the only other way to get there is by cruise ship and you need to call our vacation department for that.”

“I told you! I want to drive and take that tunnel they built!”

“But from where to where?”

“New York to Paris!”

“That’s not possible, there is no tunnel across the Atlantic Ocean!”

“You don’t know anything! I read it in the paper! I’ll just call another agency!” Click.

Good luck with that, ma’am.

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