TV Review: Kill Me, Heal Me

TV Review: Kill Me, Heal Me

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Now coming to the topic at hand; this is my very first TV show review, and for the purposes of this review, I have chosen a Korean drama (any K-drama addicts here?) – Kill Me, Heal Me.



The human body is capable of all sorts of things to survive difficult situations. Cha Do Hyun is a third-generation business heir who developed dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) in the aftermath of several life-threatening traumatic events. He tries to regain control over his life with the help of Oh Ri Jin, a first-year psychiatric resident who helps him secretly. But Ri Jin’s twin brother, Oh Ri On, is a writer who is determined to uncover the unscrupulous lives of the rich and starts following Do Hyun around. Can Do Hyun take control over his condition before one of his seven personalities takes control over him instead?

(source: Wikipedia)

My Take

First of all, the acting by our lead, Ji Sung, was commendable. It is a difficult job to get into the shoes of a hypothetical person and do justice to it. Ji Sung plays the role of Cha Do-hyun, our hero, who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), more commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, due to some traumatic childhood experience which he no longer remembers. Cha Do-hyun has six personalities other than the main personality, making it a total of 7 unique personalities, and Ji Sung manages to pulls them all off very convincingly. You can tell who he has transitioned into – whether it is the evil alter-ego or the middle-aged Ahjussi (uncle/ grown man) or the suicidal teen or his peppy wide-eyed twin sister, just by the look in his eyes. I cannot sing enough praises for this amazingly talented actor. Give him an Oscar already!

Moving on to other characters. Hwang Jung-eum plays the role of Oh Ri-jin, our female lead, who is a first year resident psychiatrist,  later hired by Cha Do-hyun as his secret private psychiatrist, to help him recover and face his past. The interactions between those two are hilarious and you can’t help but laugh along. Though I didn’t quite like Hwang Jung-eum as the lead, she doesn’t seem to be all that versatile of an actress and seemed a little too-unnecessarily-loud to me. I would actually have preferred some other actress. But chances are that if you haven’t seen her before, then you’ll not be disturbed with her lack of versatility. I know people who have loved her for her antics. So, you be the judge of that.

Park Seo-joon plays the role of Oh Ri-jin’s twin brother, Oh Ri-on, who is a very famous mystery novel writer writing under the pen-name, Omega, and who has taken a keen interest in Cha Do-hyun and is secretly investigating him and his family. He poses a threat to the exposing the secrets which everyone is so intently trying to keep hidden. Undoubtedly he is one of the best and the most popular actors in the industry, and he has played his part quite well.

The supporting actors are good, and have played their part quite well.

Coming to the story,  I am not sure if the psychology was all that accurate, but the script and its execution made the story quite believable. I liked that the seven different personalities are revealed one by one and how they were revealed.

This drama breaks the pattern of the typical korean dramas with all love triangles and such (there were some in the beginning, but you can soon come to realise that it’s nothing that important or bothersome) and it that itself is very refreshing. There are some pretty common elements – the obvious romance between our leads, the tiff and drama between the family members of the billionaire family and their endless secrets (which must remain hidden!), that devious uncle who wants all the property for himself, and a happy-go-lucky middle-class family. Then there’s that forgotten childhood incident which has scarred Do-hyun for his life and all his personalities and that will keep you glued to your screen. Very subtly but surely, the director makes you fall in love with the various personalities, you can’t help but feel their pain and understand the reason behind their existence. The comedy is just right and makes the ride easier and gives a light-hearted tone to the otherwise serious and somber drama. It also carries a deeper message of how childhood can make or break a person. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry, it will shock and stun you and it will excite you, it will keep you guessing and then land you the final blow. But it will never disappoint you!

That is not to say that it is without it’s faults. I, for one, did not like how the brother-sister relationship between Oh Ri-on and Oh Ri-jin was portrayed, but because the rest of this drama is just so awesome, I chose to forget that part. But hey, nothing is perfect, huh?

I can go on forever about this drama. So I will just stop before I start giving away spoilers. Suffice to say that it’s one of my favorite K-dramas ever, and I have been watching K-dramas since I was about 14. So you get the idea.

My Rating : 4.5/5

Oh, did I mention? The background scores are great too!

Where can you watch that?

There are plenty of sites where you can watch this drama (and more) online with English subs. I am including one below for your convenience.

Runtime: 20 episodes of about an hour each

Final Word

If you have never explored the fantastic world of K-dramas, then this is hell of a drama to start the journey with!